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The world is finally opening up again and with the right travel insurance, Australia will once again become a top destination for UK travellers.

FFrom the red rock of the Northern Territory to the white beaches of Queensland and the blue waters of Sydney Harbour, Australia has always been popular with British travellers. Its dramatic landscapes, relaxed outdoor lifestyle and welcoming locals have enticed many to make it home, with over a million Brits now living Down Under.

If you’re planning a trip to visit family or friends, make sure you’re prepared. With the best travel insurance, Australia offers a wide range of unique experiences for you to enjoy, knowing you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong.

Do I need travel insurance for Australia?

You should always take out travel insurance regardless of your destination and Australia is no exception. Comprehensive coverage protects you financially if you get sick, have an accident, lose your passport, or need to cancel your trip unexpectedly.

Telegraph Media Group’s travel insurance service is provided by AllClear, a specialist travel insurance provider, offering travel insurance for a number of destinations, including Australia.

What types of Australia travel insurance can I get with AllClear?

There are a number of different policies to choose from when heading to Australia. The best coverage for you will depend on how often you travel, your age, and what you plan to do at your destination:

If your trip to Australia is your only vacation of the year, then a single trip policy should suffice. However, an annual policy covers you for multiple trips over the course of a year, even to different destinations. If you plan to travel frequently, an annual policy is generally cheaper than multiple individual policies.

Check that your policy covers you for any adventure activities you want to do in Australia. Some activities may be included as standard and others may be covered, but you must meet certain security requirements.

Policies designed for senior travelers generally include additional coverage for medical costs abroad, along with the usual protection against cancellations and delays, loss and theft of personal items, and legal expenses if you injure someone in an accident. They must also cover the cost of repatriation to the UK in an emergency.

Always check the upper age limit on policies before committing, as some policies may exclude travelers in their eighties and nineties.

How much does travel insurance for Australia cost?

When you travel to Australia, the cost of your travel insurance policy will depend on factors including your age, health, and the activities you are planning for your trip. Your contribution is likely to increase as you age, while pre-existing medical conditions can also increase premiums.

Adventure activities and extreme sports like skiing, scuba diving, and rafting are often optional extras that add to the overall cost.

Always be truthful on your application form, even if you think you may be charged more; If you don’t disclose key information, your insurance may not be valid if you need to file a claim.

Healthcare in Australia for Britons

Australia does not have a free national health service like the NHS. However, the UK and Australia have a reciprocal healthcare agreement which entitles UK citizens to free hospital care in an emergency.

However, it is important to understand that this is not a substitute for travel insurance. The agreement does not cover non-emergency care, including treatment of pre-existing medical conditions, prescriptions, or the cost of ambulances or medical repatriation. You still need travel insurance to make sure you’re not financially affected if you need any of these.

Can I travel to Australia right now?

The UK government regularly updates its online travel advice, including the latest coronavirus information and entry requirements. Always check the latest FCDO advice before you book a trip abroad, or shortly before you travel, for the most up-to-date information.

Do I need a visa to visit Australia?

All British travelers to Australia require a valid visa. Fully vaccinated visa holders can travel to Australia without a travel waiver, but unvaccinated travelers will require a valid travel waiver to enter. You will need to visit the Australian Government website to find out how to obtain a visa for your circumstances.

What additional travel risks exist in Australia?

Australia is a safe country with low crime rates. One of the biggest threats to travelers is the sun: you can get sunburned in less than 10 minutes if you don’t wear sun protection, and you can soon get heat stroke. Be sure to wear sunscreen every day during your trip and stay in the shade. during the hottest part of the day between 10 am and 2 pm.

Buy travel insurance for Australia today

Whether you’re visiting friends and family or planning the adventure of a lifetime, make sure you can relax and enjoy your vacation stress-free knowing you’re covered if things go wrong. Telegraph Media Group’s travel insurance service, provided by AllClear, offers comprehensive insurance policies covering pre-existing medical conditions, senior travelers and the more adventurous among us.

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