Peterborough psychologist takes on a global challenge

Professor Ho Law has moved all consulting work online and has made his psychological services accessible locally and globally.

With a lifetime of experience in psychology, Professor Law, founder of Empsy® Ltd, believes that investing in ourselves, raising our expectations through empowerment psychology, is the key to building a better person, a better place, and a better place. a better world.

Empsy® is a social entrepreneurship company specializing in empowerment psychology services in psychology, coaching, consulting and training for individuals, groups and companies.

Before the lockdown, Professor Ho Law, 65, an internationally renowned consultant in coaching psychology, research and development, used to see himself running through the car park of Peterborough railway station to catch the train to Cambridge or London. But when covid-19 took hold, he stopped all his domestic and international business travel, moved all consulting work online, and set out to make his psychological services accessible locally and globally.

Dr. Ho aims to build 500 members for The Empsy® Network and offer complementary health insurance to all members

He faced one of the biggest challenges of his life, as he prepared to empower people, places and the planet as the world grappled with a global pandemic and climate change crisis.

As a result, her social enterprise was able to make a small profit during the pandemic years, while other businesses and health services faced enormous difficulties in making their services accessible and sustainable.

“My family and I have lived in Peterborough for over 35 years,” says Ho. “I was very frustrated to hear people ask me ‘why Peterborough? The city of Peterborough is well below average in most performance indicators in terms of educational attainment and life expectancy compared to other cities such as Cambridge. ‘”.

But Professor Ho Law truly believes in the place he has made his home. “When I said, ‘Peterborough can be as good as Cambridge at achieving world-class standards, as Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS put their trust in Cambridge Psychosis Centre. Peterborough should be seen as an equal partner to Cambridge, not a sideshow. People thought he must be crazy!”

The challenging work has paid off for Ho as his company was featured by Global Health & Pharma (GHP) News with the 2022 Social Care Award as: Best Mental Health Coaching Consultancy – East of England. The merit-based selection process narrows down nominees to highlight and celebrate companies that stand out from the crowd as a leading social care company.

“This really represents all of our hard work and dedication paying off,” said Professor Ho Law.

Join the movement for empowerment

Now, he wants to take the company and his aspirations to the next level.

Ho aims to recruit 500 members for The Empsy® Network and offer supplemental health insurance to all members. Offers support in coaching, mentoring and personal/professional development in addition to the new wellness benefit and health insurance that provides full coverage for mental health in terms of access to qualified psychologists and psychotherapists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . And at £35 a month, it’s less than many smartphone contracts.

Ho explained, “Living well means feeling good, sleeping well, eating well, and doing well in terms of educational achievement, career, meaning, socio-environmental relationship in life. I see wellness and health (especially mental health) as the bottom line for living well; and therefore we offer that insurance coverage as a standard part of the membership benefits for all members which covers a full range of psychological services 24/7 if they are in mental crisis (plus to call NHS 111 Option 2 or through your private health insurance) .”

“You don’t need to have a mental breakdown to get the benefit, as membership also covers free coaching, mentoring, and peer supervision quarterly and/or as needed at a 25 percent discount rate for additional sessions so you be affordable and accessible. ”

Ho’s 38-year-old daughter Elizabeth, a veterinary surgeon with more than 11 years of experience working in a small animal practice, joined the company this year as clinical director, developing new training and mentoring services for veterinarians, new veterinarians graduates, student nurses and pet owners. It is well known that pets, such as cats, dogs or horses, can have therapeutic effects on the mental health and well-being of people.

Elizabeth’s husband, an artist and designer, Sam also joined the company this year as art director to help promote the Empsy® brand, making it a true family business.

Professor Ho Law is well known in the British Psychological Society and local universities for his contributions to guidance and mentoring services for members and young students.

Visit the website to learn more or sign up as a member and start your journey to a more empowered version of you:

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