Nationwide tackles distracted driving with new partnership

In an effort to eliminate distracted driving and curb dangerous mobile phone use among commercial truck drivers, Nationwide has established a new partnership with NoCell, which provides Nationwide commercial fleet customers with access to the driver management platform distracted from NoCell. NoCell’s technology helps eliminate distraction risks by disabling disruptive apps and cell phone capabilities while drivers are on the move.

Commercial fleet managers can customize mobile device policies with their fleets and select which phone capabilities and applications are enabled (eg, 911, music, maps) or disabled (eg, social media, text messages). text) while the vehicle is in motion. The NOCELL solution uses an app on the driver’s device, a non-intrusive NOCELL tag attached to the vehicle, and a back-end system to detect when vehicles are in motion, disable unauthorized mobile phone capabilities, and alert administrators of you float when phone handling events take place. place.

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Providing access to NoCell’s distracted driving technology is the latest tool in Nationwide’s extensive risk management toolbox for commercial fleets, joining other solutions such as telematics and dash-cams, all with the goal of improving safety and driver performance.

“Distracted driving is not just a commercial trucking problem; it’s a problem on America’s highways,” said Gary Flaherty, senior vice president of commercial auto E&S for Nationwide. “Our ultimate goal is to make sure people get home safely at night and that we save lives by driving a culture of safety with our customers. Our goal is to protect businesses with extraordinary care, and we do this not only with the insurance coverage we offer, but also through [a suite of] risk management tools that help customers reduce the frequency and severity of events.

“Commercial fleet managers want and must be able to control [whatever risks they can for their drivers], and distracted driving is one of those elements that is certainly within a motor carrier’s control. By installing the NOCELL solution, they can control their drivers’ devices while they are on the move and reduce the risk of distracted or risky driving. The use of technologies like this tells us [insurers] that customers want to be best in class, they want a culture of safety, and they want their drivers to get home safe at night. At Nationwide, we want to support that and we want to continue testing these technologies and how they help reduce risk. That is why we are so excited about this new partnership with NoCell.”

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The new NOCELL solution adds to a suite of risk management services and telematics capabilities offered to Nationwide E&S commercial auto policyholders. In the past, some of these tools, such as in-cab cameras, have been met with disgust by drivers who are wary of the ‘Big Brother is watching you’ effect. However, Flaherty said the NoCell solution resonates differently with drivers.

“While the stigma surrounding certain [risk management] tools still exists to some extent today, this NoCell solution is a very different technology and approach,” said Flaherty. “It’s very important to commercial fleet managers and us at Nationwide that drivers feel supported and we want them to know we care.

“The choice that NoCell offers and the ability to customize which apps will work on a driver’s device while they’re on the move, I think resonates with drivers because it shows, ‘You don’t just care about me, you care enough to let me know. I’m going to allow some of these apps to come to my device and help me when I’m away from home, away from my family and doing the things I need, like and enjoy doing.’ I think that’s really important in today’s environment where the driver shortage is definitely top of mind for anyone servicing this industry.”

Under the new partnership with NoCell, Nationwide will not receive any customer-specific data. Flaherty emphasized that the association’s goal was never to get data and start using it at any level of subscription capacity; rather, it is “purely an approach to help motor carriers combat distracted driving.” Now, the insurer is working with NoCell to produce a report based on aggregated data to gain a better understanding of distracted driving and how NoCell’s solution can help reduce the frequency and severity of events.

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