Movilize is ready to tackle mobility in Italy head-on

Mobilize, a Renault Group brand, offers flexible mobility and energy services in Europe and abroad

Shared Mobility: offers that go hand in hand

Mobilize Share

In 2021, Italy became the first country in Europe to host the all-electric car sharing service: Mobilize Share – rolled up in Bergamo with the support of a local dealer.

Later, the service was launched in fifteen other cities in the north, center and south of the country. In Italy, Mobilize Share customers have traveled more than 250,000 green kilometers.

The Mobilize Share car-sharing service runs on a closed circuit (pick-up and drop-off points are the same), providing companies, public agencies and tourism teams with an all-electric mobility experience for business trips or personal. . All it takes is one click to reserve a vehicle via the dedicated application ‘Share by Mobilize’.

Zity to mobilize

Zity by Mobilize, is a floating car sharing service (the vehicle can be left anywhere). The deployment of the service continues in Europe, where it started in Madrid, Paris and Lyon, and will now reach the Italian market in 2022.

The two offers go hand-in-hand: short-term rentals lasting just a few minutes with Zity by Mobilize, up to a few weeks with Mobilize Share. As such, Mobilize offers solutions that cover all types of shared vehicle uses in a way that is tailored to the specific mobility needs of any city or community.

Make life easier with electricity

Electric vehicles are now part of everyday life and charging solutions play a critical role in the adoption and use of electric vehicles.

Get the right gear

Mobilize energy solutions serves companies with electric vehicles or fleets that need to install charging infrastructure. The company has been based in Italy since last September and offers a tailor-made service with a single point of contact throughout the process: consultation, design, installation, charging infrastructure management and monitoring of cargo flows. the vehicles.

Mobilize Power Solutions, backed by the Renault Group, a pioneer in electric vehicles, benefits from the Group’s unique experience accumulated over more than ten years of experience.

In the path

While it’s essential to have the right charging stations at home or work, it’s also important to be able to charge on the road.

Mobilization Cargo Pass is a service that provides a single window for access and payment with the largest public access charging network in Europe, with more than 260,000 stations in 25 countries. Mobilize Charge Pass makes it easy to locate charging stations and pay for charging with your smartphone, without having to subscribe to multiple carriers.

Mobilize Share, Charge Pass, Mobilize Power Solutions… are some examples of what Mobilize offers its business and private customers to help them make the leap to the world of electric vehicles, guaranteeing ease of use and peace of mind.

Our customers no longer see their cars as before. Faced with this evolution of use, whether by the client itself, the regulations or the evolution of city policies, Mobilize provides new mobility solutions. Our brand offers a full range of services to ease the transition to greener mobility. But the pain points prevent change. Our ambition is to make this transition seamless by offering a one-stop-shop offer, from vehicles to financing, energy services, maintenance, all based on performance technology.

Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Movilize

Mobilize Key Partners

RCI Bank and Services

Leveraging the expertise of RCI Bank and Services, Mobilize offers its customers flexible mobility offers, such as leasing or usage-based financing plans. Mobilize also takes advantage of RCI Bank and Services’ expertise in terms of insurance and fleet management.

As for RCI Bank and Services, it is also helping Mobilize design more digital customer journeys and help them better align the cost of ownership with how they actually use their vehicle.


One of Mobilize’s strengths, and also what makes the brand unique compared to other mobility players, is the close link it shares with the Renault dealer network.

Throughout Europe and Italy, Mobilize has dealers who play an essential role in the deployment of new mobility businesses by offering shared mobility services to private users, companies and government agencies in their local area, and even establishing themselves as creators of mobility standards. the industry when it comes to the new needs expressed through sustainable mobility.

April 4the, more than 400 people from the dealer network gathered in Milan for the first Mobilize convention where they were presented with the brand’s line of products and services. During the event, they saw the brand’s first vehicles developed by its own in-house engineering and design teams.

Modular, robust, fully electric and designed for intensive use, they are made to respond to the needs expressed by the new mobility: chauffeur-driven transport, car-sharing, last-mile delivery,…

  • mobilize limousine: A subscription-based service for taxi and chauffeur operators and drivers.
  • mobilize duo: compact, connected, designed for shared mobility.
  • Mobilize Bento: for the delivery and transport of small goods.
  • mobilize hippo: a modular vehicle designed for last mile delivery.

2022 is an important year for Mobilize in Italy with three main goals:

  • consolidate and develop the Mobilize Share service, already active in fifteen cities;
  • launch Zity by Mobilize before the end of the first half of 2022;
  • Help support sales of the new Megane E-TECH Electric thanks to solutions like Mobilize Charge Pass.

SOURCE: Mobilize

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