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Boca Raton, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boca Raton, Florida –

Find Addiction Rehabs, a national resource for alcohol and drug addiction rehab centers as well as addiction information on all topics, has posted more new resources on its website that may be of interest to those seeking addiction treatment. and who would like to know more about insurance coverage for rehabilitation.

First, the dedicated addiction treatment experts at Find Addiction Rehabs have put together a comprehensive resource for finding rehab centers that accept TriCare insurance. TriCare insurance, formerly known as the Uniformed Services Civilian Health and Medical Program, is known for supporting health care schemes for active and retired military service soldiers and their families. TriCare insurance is part of the US Department of Defense Military Health System initiative to cover insurance for individuals serving in the US Army National Oceanic.

A veterinarian talks with a therapist to show the rehab concept accepting TriCare coverage from Find Addiction Rehabs

TriCare insurance covers alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation based on individual needs and health plans. Some rehab centers accept TriCare insurance for addiction detox, residential care, as well as some longer-term aftercare offerings. It’s a boon for those who are eligible, as a significant portion of veterans who have served on active duty are diagnosed with mental health conditions such as PTSD. TriCare insurance can cover up to 100% of treatment costs at top centers across the country, including luxury treatment. Most importantly, coverage under TriCare insurance can be confirmed with a quick and confidential phone call to the dedicated representatives at Find Addiction Rehabs.

Below, the team at Find Addiction Rehabs has also published an extensive article on the rehab coverage of the EAP program. EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) connect employees with services that can help them deal with personal issues, mental health concerns, issues related to trauma, bereavement, workplace violence, or substance use disorders (SUDs). ) that interfere with their job performance. . Employees may also seek confidential assistance from an EAP. EAP drug programs are programs that help employees overcome substance abuse by implementing drug-free workplace regulations.

The center’s guide to EAPs covers topics such as the benefits of using an EAP for substance use disorders, answers to the question of whether EAPs are confidential, considerations and limitations of using an EAP, how to find treatment options employer insurance, how to use FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) for job protection during treatment, summarizes major US employer programs like Tesla, Walmart, and Amazon, and introduces more relevant information to readers in the form of frequently asked questions. .

Finally, Find Addiction Rehabs has also published a new resource on hard-to-find BCBS rehabs that cover methadone detox. In the article, the center’s knowledgeable staff guides readers on how to quickly locate methadone detox across the United States. The article also answers questions such as whether Blue Cross Blue Shield covers addiction treatment, what types of addiction treatment programs are covered, what types of detoxification treatments are covered, what types of inpatient treatments are available, what types of Outpatient treatments are available for methadone. , how to maintain a sober life after methadone detox, how to check BCBS coverage for rehabilitation, what are the types and levels of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, what is the scope of methadone coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield , what medications are used to help with methadone detox, how to minimize out-of-pocket costs for methadone detox, if inpatient methadone treatment is covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield will help with aftercare costs and much more.

Find Addiction Rehabs encourages interested parties and those seeking the best addiction treatment options in the United States to call their hotline anytime for help. Find Addiction Rehabs fulfills its mission by providing the information for a large selection of treatment centers that offer the full continuum of addiction care, including detox centers, residential treatment facilities, PHP rehabs, intensive outpatient programs, and programs for Outpatient.

Find Addiction Rehabs can be reached at (877) 941-2705 at any time of the day or night.


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