AI recruiting specialist ThisWay Global leverages IBM’s AI-powered automation software to deliver powerful diversity recruiting technology

austin, texas, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Angela HoodCEO and Founder of in this overall way, announced that they are leveraging IBM technology with the intention of expanding the reach and function of their Google-accelerated, AI-backed HR recruiting technology. IBM’s AI-powered automation software is expected to help provide ThisWay Global with the ability to easily integrate into companies’ existing environments and quickly connect employers with candidates from diverse communities of qualified job seekers.

Sourcing Diversity &  Coincidence (PRNewsfoto/ThisWay Global)

Diversity sourcing and blending (PRNewsfoto/ThisWay Global)

ThisWay Global’s strengths combined with IBM technology can help address the most complex challenges in business and society.

According to a recent industry survey, medium and large companies are having trouble finding and hiring quality candidates. IBM App Connect Enterprise empowers ThisWay Global to provide its clients with scalable integrations across HRIS (human resource information systems) and CRM (candidate resource management) platforms, opening the doors for HR leaders and recruiters to the millions. of candidates.

“We are thrilled,” said Hood, “to make hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce more accessible to our clients with the support of IBM App Connect Enterprise.”

How does it work
ThisWay Global Recruitment Process Automation (RPA) Platform: Ai4JOBS is a powerful diversity matching and sourcing platform (SaaS) that enables organizations to connect with diverse applicants and candidates from over 8,500 online diversity communities. Each candidate is matched against each open position, based solely on their skills and experience, allowing employers to quickly find the best candidate instantly and without bias. ThisWay Global’s unbiased candidate matching engine identifies the best qualified candidates for each job from the entire candidate database. It combines targeted machine learning and data security with the powerful ability to match applicants to opportunities based on 1,000+ data points. This solution increases customer compliance, efficiency, and the precise mix of qualified talent, while increasing diversity and inclusion.

ThisWay Global’s architecture was uniquely developed to integrate natively into enterprise technology platforms, providing businesses with seamless, compatible and secure recruiting automation that expands to meet current customer needs and facilitate its growth within your current workflow.

ThisWay Global uses IBM App Connect Enterprise to support a wide range of integration needs in a modern enterprise. With IBM App Connect Enterprise, companies can integrate ThisWay Global’s Ai4JOBS platform into their existing environments. IBM App Connect Enterprise offers an automated approach to integration designed to reduce development complexity and accelerate time to value, enabling businesses to connect applications and data no matter where they reside, whether in the cloud or on the go. facilities safely.

IBM App Connect Enterprise enables ThisWay Global to easily integrate and deliver technology to clients who previously did not have access to ThisWay Global’s technology, diverse pool of talent and reach from its entire network of integration partners.

“As businesses recover and doors reopen for customers around the world, companies navigate a complex job market and may struggle to find the talent they need quickly enough, especially IT workers. qualified knowledge,” he said. Dinesh Nirmal, General Manager, IBM Automation. “ThisWay Global is leveraging IBM’s AI-powered automation technology to help organizations accelerate how they find and hire diverse talent and help address skills shortages across industries.”

As part of the IBM ecosystem, ThisWay Global’s strengths combined with IBM technology can help address the most complex challenges in business and society for clients with hybrid cloud and AI.

In September 2021, ThisWay Global was one of 12 North American startups, along with their founders, selected for the Google Startup Accelerator program. This group was chosen for their use of AI/ML to address business challenges and a specific technical challenge that Google Mentoring could help solve. This Google acceleration helped ThisWay Global finalize its integrated approach to its relationship with IBM.

About ThisWay Global:
Founded by Angela Hood in University of Cambridge ideaSpace, ThisWay Global is a Google-accelerated, WBENC-certified, VC-backed HR technology industry leader that connects everyone to every job instantly and without bias. Using proprietary artificial intelligence, the TWG network has performed more than 15.5 billion matching events, providing businesses and governments with technology to reduce bias and increase diversity across industries. ThisWay Global is headquartered in the thriving technology hub of austin, texaswith offices in Silicon Valley and Boston. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit

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